Taxes on E-Cigarette Flavors from 2024: New fiscal regulations and market changes

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The electronic cigarette sector is on the verge of undergoing significant changes due to new fiscal regulations that will directly impact the aromas market.
The implementation of these rules, scheduled for May 1, 2024, will introduce taxation on aromas and disassembled liquids, leading to a series of adaptations for businesses in the sector, including FSVape, a leading distributor in the vaping product industry, featuring renowned brands like Mi-Pod and Five Pawns.

The new rules and flavors tax

The recently approved regulations foresee taxation on aromas and disassembled liquids, equating them to ready-to-use liquids without nicotine.
This will entail an additional cost of approximately 1.2 euros per 10 milliliters.
The Customs and Monopolies Agency has published the excise duty amounts, calculated based on variable percentages over time.

Adjustments required for Companies

The new rules will necessitate significant adjustments to internal procedures for Companies, including FSVape with Mi-Pod and Five Pawns brands.
The obligation to establish a fiscal warehouse or authorization, the need for separate accounting, and regular reporting to the Customs and Monopolies Agency will be integral parts of the new business practices.

Inventory management and adjustment timelines

The implementation of the new rules will require careful management of existing stocks.
Importers, producers, and distributors will have a minimum period of three months to clear their inventories, while retailers will have six months.
Precise management of these timelines will be crucial to ensuring compliance with deadlines and adaptation to the new regulations.

FSVape: Assurance of continuity and products regularization

In response to these new challenges, FSVape, with Mi-Pod and Five Pawns brands, has initiated the process of regularizing products affected by aromas taxation.
The Company's commitment is to ensure continuity in sales and the constant presence of its brands in the market, maintaining high-quality standards.


The taxation of aromas represents a significant change in the electronic cigarette landscape.
FSVape, with Mi-Pod and Five Pawns brands, positions itself at the forefront of adapting to these new regulations, demonstrating a constant commitment to providing quality products and being a reference point in the vaping market.
Stay tuned for further insights into this transition and discover how FSVape will face the challenges of this new regulatory framework.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for the advice of an industry expert. Always ensure that you follow local guidelines and laws regarding electronic cigarettes and related products.

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