Mi-Pod Pro Purple Shell
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Mi-Pod Pro Purple Shell

A splash of colors inspired from nature come together to create the Purple Shell Mi-Pod.
Due to an innovative coloring technology, every Shell collection Mi-Pod is a unique one-of-a-kind design so that no two are ever the same.
Vibrant colors with abstract designs remind you of the beauty of nature and warm beach vibes all year long.

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Package Content

Package Content

Battery Levels

Battery Levels

Refill Instructions

Refill Instructions

Data sheet
Battery Capacity
950 mAh (Li-ion)
Tank Capacity
2 ml (TPD)
Resistive Value
0.9 Ohm (Mesh)

We are the official European distributor of the Mi-One Brands, a leader in the sector of pod mods, vape, electronic cigarettes and liquids all over the world.

What distinguishes our podmod from other electronic cigarettes?
The Mipods are devices that in addition to having an exceptional performance, thanks to the new pro pods, present unique and exclusive styles, a real lifestyle.
Thanks to all the accessories you can customize your daily outfit and combine it with a modern vape concept that only our products can offer you.

The brand was born in America from two ambitious ex-smokers who put in the first place as their goal to improve their lives and those around them by the damage caused by traditional cigarettes and smoking.
Subsequently FSVape, composed of two ex-smokers with years of experience in the vaping sector, decide to amplify and extend the same values ​​and the same concept in Europe.
FSVape thus becomes the official European distributor of the brand.

We place the concept of family as the primary key of our work and our goals, the exaltation of the uniqueness of everyone's individuality, a lifestyle, a passion, all united in an expanding network.

Let's fight the damage caused by cigarettes and tobacco together with style and elegance, with something unique.

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