FSVape has been appointed as Mi-One Brand's official European Distributor

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FSVape is now the official European distributor for Mi-One Brands.

FSVape is run by two veterans of the vaping industry:

Fabio Carlino has a background in digital e-liquid advertising and is known as a social media influencer for the vaping industry. He produces his own e-liquid, awarded as the best creamy liquid in Italy. Appointed "Brand Ambassador" of the Mi-One Brands in Europe, he transmits love for their values and for the Mi-Pods through a network of European influencers.

Saverio Rogolino stands out in the electronic cigarette sector by developing and managing advanced CMS, statistical calculation, data analysis, web programming and IT security. He collaborates with numerous vaping companies and, through a managerial vision, optimizes their work processes, administrative practices and logistics plans.

Fabio and Saverio develop a friendship consolidated by the decision to quit smoking together by sharing their passion for vaping.
They found their first company Asfragno S.r.l., alias FSVape, to amplify and extend the values of the Mi-One brand in Europe.

According to Fabio Carlino, co-founder of FSVape, “among the many brands I have studied, Mi-One Brands has always demonstrated a love for their products and for an exclusive lifestyle concept. We place the concept of family as the primary key to our work and also to our goals. The exaltation of the uniqueness of everyone's individuality, a lifestyle, a passion, all united in an expanding network”.

According to Geoff Habicht, co-founder of Mi-One Brands, "We continue to grow our brands' presence globally by leveraging our expertise and award-winning products to fulfill our mission to eradicate the harm caused by smoking. We are excited to partner with FSVape who share our passion and mission, and proud to invest towards the bright future of the vaping market in Europe.Having an established presence in the continent will enable us to better serve the end consumer and a wider vaping market across Europe. "

Contact information of FSVape

Website: https://www.fsvape.com
Email: info@fsvape.com
Telephone: +39 351 6403 100
Address: Via Carroceto, 76 Aprilia 04011 (LT) Italy

About Mi-One

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Mi-One Brands began in 2008 as Smoking Vapors, providing alternatives to tobacco-burning cigarettes, long before the term "vaping" was coined.
Mi-One Brands is an industry pioneer who has established deep roots in the vaping community, growing to become a globally influential designer and manufacturer of vaping devices and accessories.
Smoking Vapor was rebranded in 2019 as Mi-One Brands adding several new devices to the range.
Co-founders Amir Hakak and Geoff Habicht created Mi-One Brands with a simple mission in mind: to change the lives of adult smokers and their families for the better with simple and efficient design, affordable and high quality devices.
Mi-One Brands remains dedicated to that mission even today.
It produces liquids, nicotine salts, starter kits, oil cartridges, refillable nicotine salt systems, disposable vape pens and accessories.
Mi-One Brands is the official home of Mi-Pod PRO, Wi-Pod, Mi-Salt and Vapor Lax.

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