Mi-Pod Pro Pods Pink
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Mi-Pod Pro Pods Pink

The new Mi-Pod Pro Pods are the key and the heart of the whole device, improved by looking at a unique and exclusive vaping experience, aimed both at those who prefer the mouth to lung and the contrasted flavor thanks to an exclusive Mi-Pod Pro branded airflow.
These Pods have been completely redesigned thanks to millions of feedback and advice from all lovers of the concept and design of the brand, in short, thanks to the whole Mi-Pod family.
In addition to having improved the mechanics of the same, and brought them to levels of excellence, the same have been renewed with captivating colors perfectly matched to all Mi-Pod collections.

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Refill Instructions

Refill Instructions

Data sheet
Tank Capacity
2 ml (TPD)
Resistive Value
0.9 Ohm (Mesh)

Mi-Pod is a leading brand in the electronic cigarettes and pod mod industry. With a solid reputation and superior quality, Mi-Pod ensures an exceptional vaping experience for its customers.

The passion for innovation is reflected in the wide range of products offered by Mi-Pod, designed to meet the needs of all vaping enthusiasts. Mi-Pod stands out from other brands in the market thanks to its unique combination of style, performance, ease of use, and unparalleled weight/battery ratio.

What makes Mi-Pod so special is the attention dedicated to the design of each device, crafted with care and attention to detail. This results in an eye-catching style that suits any personality. Additionally, Mi-Pod's cutting-edge technology ensures consistent vapor production and a seamless vaping experience.

The quality of Mi-Pod products is fundamental, utilizing durable and high-quality materials to ensure maximum reliability and longevity over time. Each device has undergone rigorous quality control tests to ensure it surpasses the highest industry standards.

Mi-Pod is also committed to providing a convenient and secure shopping experience, allowing customers to easily explore the extensive product selection and find the most suitable pod mod for their needs. Furthermore, Mi-Pod's attentive and professional customer service is always ready to answer any questions and provide assistance at every stage of the process.

By joining the Mi-Pod vaping community, you will discover why the brand is loved by thousands of people worldwide. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the electronic cigarettes industry, you will surely find the perfect pod mod for your needs.

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